Mickey's N.Y Pizza in Derry keeps coming up on my radar, which makes me feel like I really need to try it out.

We were just talking about Mickey's a few months back, when they added the viral chopped Italian Sub to their menu. It was a bold but noble move that has been very well-received by the sub-eating community.

With all the hype around this fresh, made-from-scratch pizzeria in Derry, New Hampshire, it's no shock that Dave Portnoy (aka El Presidente) would want to try this place for himself.

Dave Portnoy Pizza Reviews

In case you didn't know, Portnoy (president of Barstool Sports and former Swampscott, Massachusetts, resident) turns to his audience for recommendations on pizza joints he needs to visit and rate.

His Youtube video series is called One Bite Pizza Reviews. "One bite, everyone knows the rules." is a phrase we all know and love, and it's uttered by millennials and Gen-Z'ers alike, thanks to Barstool Sports.

What I love about the series is how Portnoy always picks local mom and pop shops, and many times, his platform gives them a well-deserved bump in business!

A little birdie must have told him about Mickey's in Derry, and he needed to see what all the fuss was about.

We are on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what score the pizza-loving king gave Mickey's N.Y Pizza. But at the time of publishing this article, that information has not been released.

Follow Mickey's on Facebook and subscribe to One Bite Pizza Reviews on Youtube so you can see the review when it drops!

What other Granite State pizzerias should Dave Portnoy try?

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