For many New Englanders, summer is not complete without a trip to Cape Cod.

For others, especially those who frequent the Cape, summer is not complete without a trip to the best water park in Massachusetts: Wicked Waves.

If you are not familiar with Wicked Waves, you are about to hear a lot more this year.

They are expanding, and in a big way.

With the addition of five giant new water slides, Wicked Waves Waterpark in West Yarmouth, MA, is ready for news headlines all summer.

The expansion has been talked about for months. Many locals and visitors have anticipated the opening of the new expansion for months, and it has come a long way.

The new slides will be ready for opening day on June 14, 2024.

And what exactly are the new features? So glad you asked.

The first notable slide is the Boomerang Blaster. According to the Wicked Waves website, this slide is for three to six people. The slide will kick a raft of people out of its shoot and onto a halfpipe-type slide.

The Boomerang Blaster will rock your raft back and forth down the halfpipe until you slide down the exit.

But that's not the best addition. Not at all.

I think the best addition will be the Devil's Drop.

Sliders will begin this slide from a standing position. The floor will open out from under you, and ZOOM. You'll be sliding down to the bottom without any time to think of what just happened.

Lastly, Wicked Waves added a water coaster. The 600-foot-long slide will bring riders up and down the slide, operating just like a roller coaster, so hold on tight.

These new features are epic. There will be hundreds of thousands flocking to this water park this summer.

In addition to the new rides, there are always the classics at Massachusetts' best water park. There's the lazy river, Flow Rider (a waver generator for surfing), a splash island for kids, the wave pool, inflatables, and more.

To purchase your tickets and learn more, check out the best water park in Massachusetts here.

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