Using the attention from American Idol, Maine's Julia Gagnon is striking while the iron is hot!

We all fell in love with Julia Gagnon when the 22-year-old college student from Cumberland first appeared on American Idol. Her backstory of being adopted and bullied in school and keeping her talent hidden made her a favorite. Then she sang, and we were in love!

She made it to the Top 7 of American Idol, but didn't make it into the Top 5. Most fans of Julia and the show know that's not the end of her career. In fact, many believe that not being under the constraints of American Idol may be the best thing for her!

Julia Gagnon Facebook
Julia Gagnon Facebook

What new music will Maine's Julia Gagnon be releasing?

First, it's important to note that Julia Gagnon will be working with her fiancé Nate, and that music will be released under the name of 'Julia' (a distinction she was clear about in her Facebook post).

I think my favorite thing about Julia Gagnon is how she is still the sweet kid we saw pick up a 'platinum' ticket and skip the line straight to Hollywood in the first auditions of this season of American Idol. She isn't sweet for the cameras and then a diva behind the scenes. She's just sweet and enjoying the ride.

"hooray this is officially the hard launch of this whole ‘artist’ thing, so I hope yall enjoy"

You will have a line of Mainers waiting to see what you release. You made Maine proud on so many levels. Get ready, Julia! Your ride is just beginning!

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