Life is hard. Especially these days. You might go a whole day without smiling or laughing even once. And that's not YOU. But hey, global pandemic. So today we are going to make sure that we put a smile o your face with these funny jokes about Maine. While much of Maine humor comes in the form of a long story, a la the legendary Tim Sample, the following jokes are quick. Zingers if you will. You can count on jokes about Maine to be about the weather, or how rural we are, or about lobstah or suppah or deer. We challenge you to commit one of these jokes to memory and to re-tell it today. You'll brighten someone else's day and put a smile on THEIR face.

Some of these we took from Facebook from fellow Mainers. Some of these we found online at a crowd-sourced

What Are The Best Jokes About Maine?




With the 1820 Missouri Compromise... Missouri wasn't able to become a state unless Maine was also granted statehood.

As it turns out, Missouri loves company.


Herb Ivy


I couldn’t follow the storyline of Stephen King’s “It”

Too many Maine characters.


Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy


Are there several ways to abbreviate Maine?

Or is it just me




My girlfriend fell off a fishing boat just off the coast of Maine and was devoured by a giant shellfish.

You might say a New England clam chowed her.


Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy

If you have a funny joke about Maine, we want to hear it. Email and we might just include it in the next round of Best Jokes About Maine.




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