Sometimes I like to search the hashtag #justmainethings to keep up with how Mainers are describing themselves these days. I suggest you do the same, because they are remarkably enlightening. Sure, there are the classic plated lobsters and picturesque scenes of sunlit lighthouses and bowlfuls of blueberries, but I prefer the ones like this winter throwback featuring a frozen bottle of frozen tobacco spit.

Hold your gags until the end of the presentation, please.

Much more tame, where else are you gonna find beer brewed with our beloved insect of the sea?

And while we're on the subject of normal things squeezed forcefully through a Maine filter, may I present: the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree.

Other kids in other states might ride bikes and scooters. We roll up on a... wait what?

Finally, some classic imbibing tucked exactly where you need it - the ever convenient couch cushion. This one comes complete with a Maine-inspired caption for good measure.


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