As we know, Santa can't get the coronavirus, and he's at the Maine Mall.

It's a tradition that goes back as long as pictures...getting your picture with Santa.

The movie "A Christmas Story" had a huge funny scene about the pressure when Santa asks the almighty question: "What do you want for Christmas?".

Check that out here:

Poor Ralphie. I can relate, I asked for slippers one year. What? And sure enough, Santa brought me slippers.

Back to Santa at the Maine Mall. Things look a little different this year, so reservations are a must. So are face coverings, for your contactless visit with Santa this year.

The Maine Mall has taken extra precautions too. They want to make sure you are safe when you are inside the mall. They have installed CDC-recommended, hospital-quality MERV 13 air filters that capture airborne viruses in all of their indoor common areas. There's lots of open space, face coverings are required, they control the number of people allowed and they follow CDC guidelines for cleaning.

So, go ahead and practice what you want to ask Santa - he's listening and he's really good at producing what you ask for.

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