The best Indian restaurant in Portland, Maine, as portlandoldport rewarded Taj in 2022, has some exciting news! Could it be a Taj 2.0?

If you're a Mainer in the greater Portland area, chances are you've been to, know of, or love Taj, a popular local Indian Restaurant. It's so popular that according to portlandfoodmap, the owner has decided to give the people what they want and expand into a larger dining space to fit more customers at once.

Right now, the original Taj is located at 200 Gotham Rd in South Portland, Maine. The new one they plan to move into will be close by.

Do you know where Clarks Pond Shopping Center is? Well, Owner Sai Guntaka has just leased out a new space close to the Maine Mall area with plans to build out a larger restaurant after high demand, as per

According to

"The new spot will seat ~70 people with an 11-seat bar, a dedicated area for takeout pick-up, a bigger kitchen as well as a larger space for their lunch buffet. Owner Sai Guntaka has long had a vision for an Indian cocktail program at Taj which will be a new element of the menu at the new restaurant. Jim Baldi will be consulting on the development of the cocktail program."


"Guntaka hopes to complete the renovations and kitchen build-out in to for Taj to move to its new location in June. "

Everybody I know is very excited about this, and it's always so awesome to watch a local business thrive the way they are right now!

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