Some viewers of TV news can be the most brutal, venomous and just down right rude people you'll ever encounter. The emails that news personalities get "critiquing" their appearance are horrific. That's one of the reasons why we're in radio.

These harsh letters and emails have been sent for years, but you'd never know it because the anchors, reporters and meteorologists we watch every day have taken it on the chin and done their job like true professionals.

But now more and more of these emails are being read on air to expose these hurtful people for who they really are. You'll probably remember the viral video from WKBT news anchor Jennifer Livingston, who responded to a person's email about her weight.

News Center Maine's Keith Carson gets emails too and sat down to read a few of them aimed at his wardrobe and appearance. And before you take Keith too seriously, he posted that it's supposed to be funny and he will not being changing his wardrobe anytime soon.


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