Mint juleps. Spring colors. Huge hats. Thundering hooves.

Must be the return of the Kentucky Derby.

We're celebrating one of America's greatest days with a Kentucky Derby party, presented by Blue Moon, at the all-new Cowbell at Rock Row, on Saturday, May 6 from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Just come on down and enjoy race day with us.

We'll even have prizes for the best derby hat, and someone will take home a Visa gift card for having the derby winner.

Want to get excited for this year's Kentucky Derby? Check out last year's full race in the YouTube video below.

Who do you think will be winning it all?

The first Kentucky Derby was on May 17, 1875, according to the Library of Congress. That was nearly 150 years ago.

The Library of Congress also states that the derby is "the oldest consecutively held thoroughbred horse race in the United States." And it's just one part of the coveted triple crown, which, according to the Louisville Courier Journal, has only been won by 13 horses.

Maybe you'll see history in the making this year.

Cowbell in Westbrook, which recently opened, has a huge collection of TVs right over the bar (perfect for grabbing a drink and catching the race). What's more, the restaurant will have over 25 burger options and 25 beers on tap.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

So you've got plenty of choices. And there are even some other menu items and drink choices available if you're looking for something else.

Time to start planning your Kentucky Derby attire and get ready to party with us at Cowbell on May 6.

See you there!

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