Disclaimer: The campground has now removed the video and photo. We'll provide any new information if available.

A word to the wise for anyone trespassing on private property. It's 2021. Cameras are everywhere. We will see you and share it with everyone.

Keoka Beach Campground in Waterford posted a video on their Facebook page taken by a camera on a camper's site. The video taken at 12:45 a.m. on Thursday shows someone walking up to the site wearing a backpack and hoodie with the hood up. They're carrying a flashlight and appear to be looking around on the site owner's porch going so far as to walk up to the camper and possibly look inside it. All very suspicious to say the least.



The campground posted another capture of the individual showing the man's face.


Keoka Beach Campground is private property and most of the sites are occupied by seasonal campers who make Keoka their summer home. Many of the seasonals close up their campers of the season and many also install cameras to keep an eye on their site for this exact reason.

The owners of the campground are hoping someone can identify this man for them. If you're able to, give them a call at 207-583-2868.

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