When I first heard about the "Tide Pod Challenge," I thought "This can't be real. Kids aren't that naive, are they?" Unfortunately, it's the latest viral game that your children could be exposed to.

If you are shaking your head in disbelief, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reports 39 kids, specifically teens, have intentionally eaten Tide Pods in the last two weeks alone. That's according to Time Health. The online article goes on to explain there were 53 cases in all of 2017.

Why are kids doing this? For the bragging rights, says Time Health writer, Jamie Ducharme. They want to post videos and memes of themselves on social media taking the challenge.

The thing is: Tide Pods are poisonous when ingested, because the product contains "ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and long-chain polymers, which can burn the mouth, digestive system and stomach," as per the article.

This challenge has become such a problem that the New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski has a message for teens:

Here is what the US Consumer Product Safety Commission tweeted along with information on how to prevent your children from consuming poison:

The bottom line: Tide Pods are for doing laundry. Do NOT eat them.

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