Meet Tierny, he's a one-year-old kitten that suffers from what is called Cerebellar Hypoplasia or more commonly known as 'Wobbly Cat Syndrome.' It's not a joke; it's a real thing; he is a lovable kitten that needs a home! Wobbly Cat Syndrome actually causes him to scoot down to the lowest part of his feet and wobble when he walks to and from. I've seen my fair share of pets with different illnesses and disorders, but this one always looks he has a cute little waddle.


Who could you say no to that little face? Tierny just came to town from Georgia courtesy of the good people at Road Trip Animal Rescue, and he's online looking for his new forever home courtesy of the Animal Refuge of Greater Portland. Now full disclosure, this lovely feline friend needs to go to a home that's full of love and patience as he is known to give in to urinary accidents due to nervousness. If you can't adopt or have a pet in your home or maybe you're maxed out on furry friends, please pass this along to several friends that may be looking for an excellent companion to help make a beautiful life with. Interested in learning more about Tierny? Email: (he is not listed on the Animal Refuge of Greater Portland cat website due to his adoption requirements).

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