Since when did the ugly sweater tradition get so much love? There are ugly sweater parties, ugly sweater events, ugly sweater contests and now ugly sweater donuts!

Krispy Kreme has gotten into the Holiday Spirit this season by making ugly sweater donuts that are, of course, delicious!

The donuts are dipped in green icing and sprinkled with confetti, then decorated with ugly sweater-ish reindeer and penguin candies.

That's not the only Holiday donut Krispy Kreme has released this season. They're also making Santa Belly Donuts which are chocolate Kreme filled doughnuts dipped in red icing and then decorated to look like Santa’s belly, then there's the Holiday Plaid Donuts, which I think of as the Maine donut because, ya know, plaid. Those are original glazed donuts dipped in icing with a plain and red design, and last but not least, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles Donuts.



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