Kylie Queen, who used to be on the Q Morning Show is now Kylie Low...


She met her boyfriend, fiance and now husband at work. He was a new sales guy, she was a new member of the Q Morning Show. Everyone with eyes knew they were hitting it off BIG TIME!

They tried to keep it under wraps, but it was hard not to notice the giggling and googly eyes.

And Kylie was also showing signs of falling in love, too.

Chris took a job in New York City, and we knew we were gonna have to say goodbye to Kylie soon.

OK,now to the wedding.

Kylie wanted something non-traditional, and boy was it ever.

They had a small gathering of friends and family on the Harbor Queen out of Portland. It ferried over to Portland Head Light and hung out while friends and family spoke about Kylie and Chris.

It was sweet, and funny, and touching.

Then both Chris and Kylie said their own vows. Chris started with:

When I met Kylie, she had pink hair. It was a big red flag...

It was funny, and sweet and touching. There was a lot of sweet, funny and touching moments on a boat. Then Kylie's brother, who was ordained online, made it official and they were husband and wife!


It really was great. The weather was wonderful, the boat was perfect and that ceremony was...well, sweet, funny and touching.

Then it was off to the roof of Bayside Bowl for a party! And the non-traditional wedding continued. They were very generous and it was an open bar, and the food was great. Delicious salads, lobster rolls and the taco truck up on the roof open for business! I partook in all of it. But then I saw the 'wedding cake' and flipped out!


That's right. It's a friggin' wall of donuts!

There were radio dudes, family and it was just a great time!


I think you can see we are all having a pretty good time.

Including Kylie and Chris...


It was the most casual, most fun wedding I've ever been to. And they are on their way to having the best life ever - glad I could be there to see them off!