Lebanon Fire Department and EMS needs help. They tell you exactly what to expect on their sign.


Thanks to NewsCenter Maine out and about - they caught this spectacular picture!

Talk about truth in advertising. I mean, they aren't mincing words.Odd hours (if only fires happened 9-5 Monday through Friday), low pay (at least ya know going in) and of course, those helmets rock!

So, have you always wanted to put out fires or help the community of Lebanon and hate working normal hours and have enough money? If you need a 'sweet helmet' then you need to get in touch with Lebanon Fire Department and EMS Station 2!

I did some research for you. Here's what Lebanon has on their website:

Lebanon is located in southern York County along the New Hampshire border. Lebanon covers almost 56 square miles and had just over 6,000 residents at the 2010 Census.​ In 2017, Lebanon Fire and EMS answered 650 calls for service, with approximately 80 percent of the calls being medical in nature.​ Lebanon currently has two stations Station two is located in South Lebanon on Carl Broggi Highway (Route 202) near the Rochester, NH town line.​

Well, that sounds like something I hope they add terrible hours and low pay to!

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