Police are investigating a student, who hasn't been identified, after a drowning at a school field trip to Range Pond today.

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According to the Portland Press Herald Superintendent Bill Webster said the student died after going under the water.

Adults and a lifeguard immediately responded. The water was murky and he was not easily found. When he was recovered, ambulance, medics were there and tried to revive him on the way to the hospital. He was declared dead at the hospital.


The boy was 13 and a seventh grader.

Police say he was swimming with friends in the area marked for swimming when he went under and he couldn't be found. He was found about 30 minutes later and was brought to CMMC where he was pronounced dead.

The school told his parents and sent out an automated call to parents with kids in the school to help with counselors. They are hoping to learn more about what happened from police.



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