Sea40 in the Lewiston Mall was shut down after inspectors found cockroaches!

According to the Sun Journal, they found the most cockroaches, dead and alive, under a Pepsi cooler and upright freezer in the kitchen. They put a sign on their door that read:

Due to an equipment malfunction, we will be closed until further notice. We will Sea you soon!


City inspectors are working with management and they are working hard to get the place cleaned up and re-open by Friday, the newspaper reported.


If your reaction of 'Cockroaches?!' was the same as mine, you're right. They aren't common in Lewiston restaurants, and the owner believes they caught a ride in a cardboard box from out of state, according to the Sun Journal.

The newspaper stated that the owner, Franki Tam, has gone above and beyond to correct the problem including,

  • replacing the equipment that had bugs underneath them
  • purchasing a new dishwashing machine
  • painting his floors
  • having a certified sanitation company clean the entire kitchen
  • switching from cardboard boxes to plastic totes for storage
  • changing his pest control plan from monthly checks to biweekly checks.

They did not take this closure lightly at all and Lewiston is impressed with the steps being taken.

Tam said in the article that he feels bad for his customers, who he also considers family.

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