What have they changed this year? Absolutely nothing.


Powderhouse Hill is owned by South Berwick and is a down and dirty volunteer-run ski hill. It's much beloved and a throwback to a time long gone. 

The hill operates on 100% natural snow and in these days of unknown weather, every day the hill operates is a good one.
Powderhouse Hill Ski Area/Facebook

My favorite part of Powderhouse Hill is that they are very unapologetic. As stated on their Facebook page:

When so many other resorts are posting pictures of fancy new stuff we thought we would chime in on what changes you can expect at Powderhouse this season. And those changes are-


We will still have the friendliest group of volunteer lift attendants you will ever meet.
5 dollars cash will still get you a lift ticket.
Still open Wednesday and Friday nights 7-9 pm and Saturday Sunday noon to 4.

We hope to see you all again soon for the best small town skiing and riding in southern Maine.
Pray for snow.

We're praying!

Powderhouse Hill Ski Area/Facebook

According to the history section of the website, the Powderhouse Ski Club gets money from the snack-bar sales for ongoing expenses. Your five-dollar lift ticket goes to South Berwick to offset expenses. You know, little things like signage, motor oil, and building maintenance. There are other bigger expenses at times like rope replacement and a snowmobile for the crew and bringing fuel from the base to the summit.

Yes. It's a rope tow - no fancy chairlifts at Powerhouse.

The volunteer members of Powderhouse Ski Club keep the tradition of affordable outdoor fun for people in the area! It's a great place for kids to learn how to be responsible for a place that doesn't have machines to smooth the trails. They actually shovel snow to cover the lift track.

They all have one thing in common; they had to learn to ride the rope, which is not easy at first and takes a bit of practice. There is something very much New England about the operation and it’s something to be cherished. The hill operates on 100% natural snow and in these days of unknown weather, every day the hill operates is a good one.

This is so sweet! Have you been? For 5 bucks, why not?



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