Litchfield Country Store apologized for an employees terrible behavior and explains why it may not be open much longer...

Litchfield Country Store/Facebook
Litchfield Country Store/Facebook


This little country store in the heart of Litchfield has been around since 2002. Recently they had to post an apology on their Facebook page about an employee treating a customer poorly. But the post goes on to explain new hours...and how they may end up closing after all.

This is the sad news for many local small businesses. They are super busy in the summer with campers, but they are struggling right now and simply may not be open if they can't make it with their new reduced hours.

Many on Facebook suggested that the hours be not morning and afternoon, but afternoon and evening. One comment said that it's not the hours, or the prices - it's the General Dollar that moved in across the street offering the same snacks. They want a more healthy organic choice.

Either way, we hope that whatever path they pick, that they succeed and survive - because Mom and Pop stores are the greatest part of rural Maine.

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