Nothing can give you the ick faster than walking into a hotel room that smells like the previous guest, or worse, there is evidence that the room has not been cleaned up. One time, my brother stayed at a motel and found someone else's underwear in the sheets. Granted, it was a motor inn in the middle of Montana, so I guess he got what he paid for.

If you are planning on traveling this summer (and most of us are), you might have already started searching for reviews of hotels. Cleanliness is important to most of us, especially after we lived through a pandemic. Germs are real, and we want to know that the establishment we are staying at is taking the proper cleaning precautions.

A site called Planetware recently analyzed nearly eight million hotel reviews from more than 9,000 hotels across 95 U.S. cities to determine the cities with the cleanest and dirtiest hotels.

This is good information to have as you map out your accommodations for that upcoming vacation or road trip.

Nationally, the most common bad reviews left for hotels are: 1. The smell of smoke. 2. Lack of toilet paper. 3. Bed bugs. 4. Thin walls. What irks you more, a room smelling bad or perpetual noise from the hallway or neighboring rooms? This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think I could get over the smell quicker than I could get over the noise. I need my beauty sleep, especially on vacation!

Believe it or not, Boston ranked #2 for the cleanest cities in the country. Well, that's a nice quick weekend getaway for us! Myrtle Beach, SC, Atlantic City, NJ, and Virginia Beach, VA, have the worst hotels in America, with one in five visitors leaving bad reviews.

Take a look at the full report here.

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