You've seen the story of little Kylie Brown and her pet duck, Snowflake. Snowflake imprinted on Kylie when he was just a little duckling and now he is convinced that Kylie is his mom.

Snowflake follows Kylie everywhere and is protective of his human momma. He proved it when Kylie of The Q Morning Show got a little too close and he pecked at Kylie's arm. Don't worry, no radio DJs or ducks were harmed in the taking of this photo. The studio chair, however, has seen cleaner days.

In a few weeks, Kylie and Snowflake are headed out to Chicago to be on the new Steve Harvey Show 'Little Big Shots'. Although they're receiving lots of attention and brushing their feathers with fame, Kylie's mission to spread awareness about animal adoption is her main focus.

Kylie and Snowflake are "buddies" with Buddy Up Animal Society. Get your shirt featuring Kylie and Snowflake and be a buddy, too! Each t-shirt sale goes to the non-profit last chance organization Buddy Up Animal Society!

Kylie and Snowflake's dad Mike says, "If we sell 50 t-shirts through this link, we will randomly choose a winner that donated and bring Snowflake to the event of their choice. Kid's birthday party? Visit your Grammy in the nursing home? Pool party? Wedding? Bar Mitzvah? No request will be denied. We will take on any challenge to help raise funds for this cause!"

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