Are you in the market for a home? Are you looking for something outside the box, or open to living inside of one?

Check out this one-of-a-kind, head-turning condo in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

At first glance, it doesn’t even seem like a house, but more of a sculpture in the middle of a neighborhood. The structure resembles a section of a Rubix cube that is being twisted, taking the concept of a “contemporary home” to the next level.

John R. Ellement of explains that this creation was designed by architects Beat Schenk and Chaewon Kim, and “it’s one of four contemporary homes the architects built on two lots, and it was featured on HGTV and Dwell magazine.”

And I can see why.

From the outside, it reminds me of blocks that a child might play with, as the base of the home sits crooked on the foundation, triggering my OCD. There are four levels in total, and when you walk inside, the real artistry becomes even more clear, with mixtures of plywood, marble, and skylights throughout the condo.

Ellement goes on to describe the unique layout of the home, pointing out that there are no windows on the first floor, “but custom skylights in all four corners shower natural light”, which I am a big fan of. No windows means more privacy, and natural light is so comforting.

For what seems to be an off-centered home from the outside, the interior paints a much different picture, with a simple layout of angled plywood and an artist's touch.

This masterful condo could be all yours for $869,900.

Take a Look Inside This Unique Cambridge Condo

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