Police in Old Orchard Beach are warning residents there of an apparent new phone scam where the caller says they are raising money for the local police departments.

According to an article in the Journal Tribune dispatchers for the Scarborough and Old Orchard Beach police departments received multiple calls about residents getting phone calls from someone claiming to be raising money for a police support fund. Looking at the comments it appears the calls have spread to Portland and Saco..

Police in that area are telling people not to give any money to these callers as they are not who they claim to be.  Police are also reminding residents that there is a law in Maine that prohibits police officers asking for money to benefit their departments.

Less than a year ago Old Orchard was the target of a similar scam where the caller said he was with the American Police Officer Association doing a fund raiser for the Old Orchard Beach Police Department.

If you receive a call from someone soliciting for money just hang up!


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