No one is a fan of Monday morning traffic, but people driving through Norton, Mass on Monday faced an unusual road block.

Massachusetts State Police responded to the scene at 7:15am Monday morning after a driver called in a report of a bull on I-495, according to CBS Boston. Troopers kept the animal away from traffic until its farmer arrived to corral it. The bull had escaped from a nearby farm and made it to the interstate for an extra exciting Monday morning... traffic was backed up for at least a mile, but no one was injured and the bull made it safely home with his farmer.

I can't say I've ever run into a bull on the highway, though I've encountered just about everything else. Foxes, deer, wolves, moose... There's a ton of wildlife in Maine that wanders onto the highway from the woods. In fact, just this winter we were warned to watch out for wildlife near the roadway as squirrel populations boomed.


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