Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'm turning 30. In some ways, it's a cool age to be. For example, I can rewatch all of my favorite childhood Disney movies, on-demand for just $6.99 a month thanks to Disney+.

Disney Plus

I also finally got some closure from a childhood favorite series, Hey Arnold! when Nickelodeon released Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie 13 years after the series ended.

Photos Curtesy of Nickelodeon
Photos Curtesy of Nickelodeon

But there's one gap that I'm only partially filling thanks to digging through the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.

The non-Disney animated films.

While Disney is certainly king, they weren't the only ones in the game. In fact, some heavy hitters were in the animation game back then.

My rules for compiling this list were simple, albeit a bit loose. First and foremost they can't be a Disney movie. My definition for that is they can't be on Disney+ and you're sure not seeing a ride dedicated to the movie at Magic Kingdom. (I said my rules were loose, okay?!)

I also decided to begin my movie window with the mid-'80s. While I wasn't born until 1990, I did have an older brother and popular movies tend to stick around. I ended my range at 2000 since the animation world grew so much in the '00s. A mostly '90s list helps focus on the highest nostalgia payoff.

The Top 10 Animated Movies From My Childhood That AREN’T Disney

So what do you think? Did I miss any? Do you see any of your favorites? Let me know via the app!

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