It's that time of year again. Lay's Potato Chips is having their "Do Us a Flavor" contest where people come up with crazy flavors of chips. Today, Lori and I tried all four of this year's entries and here's what we thought. 

Southern Biscuits and Gravy

These taste nothing like biscuits and gravy, and we tried several times but could only taste sour cream and onion. It's just a taste that doesn't translate into a chip at all.

Rating: Lori - 4  Jeff - 5 out of 10


West Coast Truffle Fries

I have no idea what real truffle fries are supposed to taste like, but these weren't bad. We didn't like them at first, but as we had more they weren't bad. These taste like sour cream and onion too, but we checked the ingredients. Real truffles, but more sour cream.

Rating: Lori - 6  Jeff - 7 out of 10


New York Rueben

This had a distinct thousand island dressing taste which you'd expect from a rueben. That's all we tasted though. Meh.

Rating: Lori - 4  Jeff - 6 out of 10


Greektown Gyro

This was going to be tough to get past Greek girl Lori. She was excited for a gyro flavored chip, but it was the most disappointing out of the bunch. All I tasted was lettuce, and that's just not right in a potato chip. Lori says there was some weird aftertaste too. Almost like lamb, but not really. We couldn't place it.

Rating: Lori - 0  Jeff - 2


So the final verdict? We could eat just one of all of these. Don't waste your money. There wasn't a chip that wowed us at all like the wasabi and ginger chips from last year. Those are the best!


If you want to try them yourself and vote your favorite, we've got the link for you below. If you have already tried them, what did you think? Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter @Q979.

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