"It's weird how people here have their own special name for storms," I said this morning to Jeff and Lori. "Anywhere else, it's just bad weather, but here --- OOOHHH, ANOTHER NOR'EASTER COMIN'!"

"A nor'easter isn't any old storm," Lori jumped in, "it's a specific formation of fronts in the area that culminate in that weather pattern!"

"But they've called every single storm since I've been here a nor'easter," I retorted.

"THAT'S BECAUSE WE'VE HAD FOUR NOR'EASTERS IN A ROW," Jeff and Lori chimed aggressively in unison. Message received.

Apparently, according to these two and also weather.com,

A nor'easter is a strong area of low pressure along the East Coast of the United States that typically features winds from the northeast off the Atlantic Ocean... Nor'easters are most often associated with strong winter storms crawling up the Northeast coast, but snow isn't a requirement for such a storm.



Who knew!

Apparently, everyone but me. But it was all because of the context I'd heard the term "nor'easter" used! Reminds me of the time I thought asbestos was a type of deadly mold... ahh, a story for another time.

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