Maine has the largest population of black bears in the continental United States. About 30,000 bears inhabit our state. Now, it's spring in Maine and our black bears are awake...and hungry!

Do Maine Black Bears Hibernate?

Actually, Maine black bears don't technically hibernate. They are in a state called "torpor" where their metabolism gets REAL slow. Their heartbeat is around 10 beats a minute and they take only a few breaths per minute. They do hang out in their den (just like you!). It's called "denning."

When Are Black Bears Active In Maine?

Between April 1st and November 1st. In spring, natural food is in short supply, so the bears come over to your house to see what you're having for dinner! Bear encounters in Maine are pretty rare but there are about 300 "bear nuisance" complaints lodged each year. This is mostly from bears coming into people's yards and stealing food. Black bears are big and fast-kind of like a big, furry Rob Gronkowski. The males can get up to 600 pounds and run 35 miles per hour!

What Can I Do To Keep Black Bears From Coming In My Yard?

We have good advice from our friends at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

• Rake up unused bird seed from the ground
• Remove birdfeeders
• Keep pet food & trash inside or in fenced areas
• Clean grills thoroughly after use


Can Black Bears Dance?

Yes. Quite well, actually. Well, it looks like dancing to me.


You bears can eat the food in my garbage can but stay the heck away from my hammock!





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