I'm not entirely sure my brain is able to process this one, but leave it to a local Maine brewery to dive head first into a crazy flavor without fear.

Odd By Nature Brewing in Cape Neddick is willing to go off the page when they come up with new flavors. You need to expect that based solely on their name. In the past, they've collaborated with Collio to produce "Crantastic Voyage" and "Blueberry's Paradise."

They collaborated with Congdon's Doughnuts in Wells to create "So Sorry" a doughnut and Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored beer.

Odd By Nature's latest collaboration is with Magnify Brewing in Fairfield, New Jersey and it's clear, based on the pattern here, that these guys are reliving their childhood in the 90s and 2000s through rap artists.

Introducing what never crossed your mind in a beer, or if you did think of this, you just came to the conclusion that it wasn't possible. This is CoolAide and Frozen Pizza Flavored Beer.

Here's the description from the Odd By Nature website of this Frankenstein like creation:


By the way, the rapper than inspired this one is the late Mac Miller and his track "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza."

Also, you'll notice its named "CoolAide" and Frozen Pizza," not "Kool-Aid." That likely is to keep them in the clear from Kool-Aid's lawyers.

If you want to give it a whirl, it's available right now at Odd By Nature Brewing in Cape Neddick. You can even take home a 4-pack of cans, but there's a limited supply, so you better grab them fast.

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