The Maine CDC held its daily press conference Tuesday where it was announced that Maine's number of positive and presumptive positive cases of the coronavirus are now at 32, an increase of 15 since Monday.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah broke the news Tuesday morning at the press conference and added that these cases are spread over seven counties, but there is evidence that there is community transmission in just Cumberland County.

Community transmission means a patient had no known contact with another confirmed case or traveled from a country affected by the pandemic. The Maine CDC expects evidence of community transmission to appear in other parts of the state.

3 of the people identified with the coronavirus are hospitalized and two also have the flu.

There have been over 1000 negative tests.

If you have symptoms of the coronavirus, including a runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, fever and in severe cases, difficulty breathing, the Maine CDC says you should call your doctor before going in so that they can prepare for your arrival.

Social distancing is the key to flattening out the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. A low curve means that the virus is spreading slowly which gives doctors more time and resources to treat more people. The higher the curve, the most people get sick at once and medical facilities get overwhelmed.

The Maine CDC continues to update with new information at least once a day. Keep checking on our mobile app or website to get the latest.

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