Years ago, pit bulls were nicknamed "the nanny dog" for their gentle touch and loyal hearts. Sadly, over the years their reputation was tarnished due to their involvement in human-planned dog fights, mistreatment, and abuse.

Today, pit bulls and pittie mixes are making a comeback through rescue organizations and more and more people realize that the breed is not intrinsically aggressive; it was humans who gave them a bad name. However, not everyone recognizes the truth, as a Maine Craigslist post in the Pets category recently made painfully clear.

"WARNING," the post reads, "TAKE SERIOUSLY" and contains a screenshot of a message posted anonymously on twitter from an account that has since been suspended:


Why someone would go out of their way to commit heinous acts of cruelty on animals, I'll never know. There's no proof that this person goes through with his or her words, but like any threat of violence, it should be taken seriously. Props to the finder of this tweet for spreading the word on Craigslist, a forum used far and wide for rehoming pets. Owners and sellers should be mindful of who they're adopting animals out to; they may not have good intentions.


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