According to News Center Maine, Kennebunk's Nor'easter is offering Mainers a great experience out on the water; deep sea fishing.

Capt. Michael Perkins started this business 18 years ago while he was lobster fishing. He takes customers out on his 42' vessel to catch all sorts of delicious fish, such as: haddock, pollack, hake, cusk, my favorite, cod and shark. Yes, shark among others. It's an experience, it's an adventure. If you've been cooped up and want to feel alive again, spend some time on the ocean with Capt. Mike.

Trips right now cost only $85 per person, that is an entire day at sea and you don't need a fishing license or a cooler for your fish. If you're squeamish about the whole gutting the fish thing, no worries. The mate will take care of cleaning, filleting and packaging your catch. The mate works for tips, please tip at least 15% of the ticket cost. I would double that for someone to clean my cod that I will later enjoy with tons of fresh grated ginger, scallions, soy sauce and rice vinegar. These days, be generous when you can. These folks are working so hard, let's support them.

There's a head on board and both men and women love these excursions. Gift certificates are available and hey, look at that, Father's Day is coming. But as I said, the ladies like it too. There's nothing better than social distancing in the salty air and bringing home dinner that you didn't have to wait in line to buy.

C'mon locals, let's get our yayas out on the Atlantic and have an experience. Reach out to Nor'easter on their Facebook page or their website.


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