Look, I get it. You buy your first Jeep Wrangler and now you feel like you can go offroading wherever you please.

Maybe you’re the type of Mainer that has tires that are too wide and you think you can just brap through any terrain.

Regardless of what car you have or what you think you are capable of, the Ogunquit Fire Department shares that you should not be driving on the beach, period.

The fire department posted on Facebook sharing a car that got stuck on the beach earlier in the week and joked that maybe we need a “No Cars” sign on the beach to go with the other warning signs.

That’s a rule that should be followed by common sense but here we are.

The post continues to joke that the car was rescued and there were no injuries, except to the driver’s wallet.

I wonder what their plan was here. To picnic on the beach late at night? Look at the stars from the warmth of their car? Enjoy the beach but from the safety of their vehicle?

I love a nice night on the beach but I’ve never considered whipping my Honda into the sand.

We’re inching closer and closer to summer and I understand the parking prices and availability at the beaches are wicked annoying to deal with but we urge everyone to refrain from physically driving your vehicle onto the beach.

Save yourself the trouble and just park the car on the road.

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