Shark Tank

Shark Tank is one of those shows where you've probably seen at least one episode even if you’re not a fan of the program. For me, it’s a show I never go seeking for but if it’s on I get immediately hooked.

During season 4 of the show, Maine had some special representation. Season 4 Episode 6 welcomed two guests who were local Mainers pitching a Maine product. When you think about our state, what do you think of? Lobster is probably one of the first immediate thoughts.

Cousins Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis came on the show seeking $55K for a 5% stake in their Maine lobster roll company, Cousins Maine Lobster. If you’re like me and had no idea this episode existed, you can get a little peek from this YouTube video:

Initially, the boys were merely looking to bring Maine lobster to Southern California but after teaming up with American businesswoman Barbara Corcoran, their dream exceeded their expectations.

Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck

The first time I had ever heard of this food truck wasn’t even in Maine, it was when I was living in Miami, Florida. I was walking across the University of Miami campus and came to a halt when I saw a food truck sitting in our courtyard with “Maine” written all over it. Did this thing really drive here from Maine??

No. Apparently, these trucks are all over the country. Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks are slinging Maine lobster rolls in 18 states and 35 cities and in places you would never guess to find them: Alabama, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Nevada, just to name a few.

Barabara took the cousins on and expanded their dreams by franchising their business. As that cute YouTube video shares, ABC showed an update on their business by welcoming Barabara to Portland and bringing her out on a Maine lobstering boat to show her what the business was all about.

I bet she never expected she’d ever wear a lobstering bib overall outfit. She made it look stylish, of course.

This business is beyond what they could have ever anticipated and with 187K followers on Instagram, they’ve really made a name for themselves.

Hey, maybe this will lower our influx of tourists since you don’t even need to come to Maine anymore to experience our infamous lobster roll.

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