Some Mainers find themselves thrust onto the front lines. And it's taking a toll emotionally and physically.


Jewelz, who covers five regional stores of a chain, went on Facebook and wrote a poetic rant about the toll it's taking. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Jewelz, you know that she is quick with a smile and a laugh. You would never, ever know that she is under tremendous stress.

I am one person, one person covering a total of five stores. One person who only gets four or five hours a sleep a night. I am one person stretching myself thin from Portsmouth all the way to Bangor. I am one person, one person handling five stores' schedules, I am one person who falls asleep at her desk. I am one person who gets hundreds of phone calls everyday, and hundreds of emails and text messages. I am one person who takes the blame for everything. I am that one person who’s mentally and physically exhausted. I am one person who hasn’t cried because the day is rough.
I am just one person who’s been asked to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders...just one person. Who puts on a brave smile and brave face everyday to come to work... just one...

Jewelz A Harvey Barney/Facebook
Jewelz A Harvey Barney/Facebook

I cannot fathom what it is like to one day have your job a war zone, and that you are now a front line soldier, with so many people relying on you.

Thank you is not enough, and we will figure out how to properly thank everyone who has been going to work on the front lines every day.



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