Milford, Maine, located just north of Orono is dealing with a unique problem, at least for Maine, lots and lots of rats.

Bangor Daily News reported of one resident stating they killed 44 in just one week.

No Help Available

Despite residents begging the town for help, local representatives say that their hands are tied since it's primarily a private property issue.

Where Did They Come From?

One representative from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife stated to Bangor Daily News that rat infestations are typically indicative of a bigger problem such as sanitation and this could be due to the influx of thrown away food from the increased use of takeout and being home during the pandemic. Another theory is that they are coming from the Penobscot River.

Despite Milford making headlines currently, rats have been an increasing issue in Maine overall. WMTW reported in the fall of 2020 that exterminators have seen a 30% increase in calls for rats since the beginning of the pandemic once again noting the increase in waste made by people staying home.

What Can People Do?

It all comes back to sanitation. Don't leave trash out, secure compost, and address any other sanitation issues on one's property.

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