The old saying "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute," couldn't be more true over the next seven days as we go from rain, to snow, to temperatures in the 60s!

On Friday, we'll get showers and highs in the mid 40s, then enough snow over night Saturday to have to move, and by Wednesday we're all the way up in the 60s.


Some computer models though are thinking Southern Maine could make the 70s.



WGME's Charlie Lopresti isn't buying that and calls for a high inland of 62 Wednesday before we leave crazy town to settle back into the 30s.

WGME Forecast


It's good news and bad news. Good if you are tired of slipping and falling on all the ice that has been on the ground. Bad if you want to hit the snowmobile trails. Which side do you fall on?



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