The Maine Lobster Festival is under new leadership and has apologized to former Sea Goddess, Taylor Hamlin, who was pressured to step down over social media posts the Press Herald reports.

The apology comes 3 months after Taylor was forced to step down due to year old pics on social media showed her holding what appeared to be a joint, and another pic of her with a vape pen. After she stepped down organizers of the festival received 10,000 messages, some threatening which caused them to request extra police protection at the festival, the story reports.

The board has also apologized to Hamlin's family saying "We would also like to offer our sincere apology to Taylor Hamlin and her family, as well as the community for the events that occurred at the 2018 festival. It is my hope that the new leadership team will have the support of the community to make the 2019 Maine Lobster Festival a success" according to the article.

Taylor Hamlin replied with a statement of her own saying, "We appreciate that the new leadership of the festival is taking steps to make this situation right. Our family has always supported the Maine Lobster Festival, its volunteers, and everything they do to give back to the community. We look forward to the 2019 festival."


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