Union Bluff

Union Bluff Hotel in York, Maine is a stunning beachside hotel attracting guests from around the world.

Those guests however aren't always on their best behavior.

Union Bluff is also the home of The Bluff Grill and The Union Grill. Recently a guest wasn't so kind to the staff.

High Tensions

Tensions in the hospitality industry are at an all-time high for summer 2021. After being cooped up for a year tourists are eager to get out and enjoy Maine's coast. The other side of that coin, however, is fewer people are filling hospitality positions.

A number of area restaurants have shared stories of rude guests driving staff to tears. Last month, Joshua's Restaurant & Tavern shared that due to random food shortages and being short-staffed, they are dealing with an unusually high number of "jerkwads".

Thankfully some of those rude guests do have an awakening.

An Apology

An anonymous note and tip was sent to Union Bluff recently directed towards the hostess on duty on Monday, July 5th. The writer acknowledged being very rude after a few drinks and a long wait for their large party. He said in the note that he said loudly "this is bullsh*t" and walked out. He has felt guilty ever since. He closes by saying that he never wants to be "that guy" again and will apologize in person next time he is in York. Plus, a $100 tip.

Faith in humanity is now closer to being restored. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to be accountable for their actions going forward.

Check out the letter in full here.

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