Whether he intended to be or not, News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson has become one of the most recognizable media personalities in Maine. With that notoriety comes a few pitfalls, especially when you take positions on subjects that people care deeply about. Carson has never shied away from tackling those touchy subjects, including climate change and what can be done to combat it. That has led to some interesting pieces of 'fan' mail, including this gem months ago. If you thought that was the end of sprawling handwritten gibberish directed towards Carson, think again.

Shared on Twitter by Carson, another adoring fan decided to take time out of their day to scribe a borderline incoherent postcard that including a blatant misspelling of the name 'Keith', the subject of their ire. Unlike the last letter Carson shared, this one is a little more difficult to read and understand. It appears that the enthusiastic viewer has become annoyed that warnings are given for events like hail or severe thunderstorms, even if you live miles away from the potential weather event.

Twitter via Keith Carson
Twitter via Keith Carson

If you're reading between the lines, it's also appears the author of this instant classic believes that weather hasn't changed over the years, that climate change isn't an actual thing that happens, and that weather alerts are part of a larger conspiratorial plot to brainwash the masses while simultaneously increasing a company's stock price. Take a moment to digest that and read some of the best responses on Twitter to Keith Carson's latest 'fan' mail.


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