Apparently we need to step up our game after Maine is named one of the lamest states in the country, and the lamest in the Northeast for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. 

For those that have made St. Patrick's Day an annual excuse to miss a day of work and chug green beer here in Maine, this may come as a surprise. You're just not doing enough. According to, Maine joins a handful of other states across the country as the lamest places to celebrate the Irish-inspired holiday.

But a deeper look at the criteria may reveal that Maine, and specifically Portland, may not be as lame as this article suggests. Candy Store uses the amount of "celebration" statewide, meaning parades and festivals as a large part of the criteria for determining who is rowdy and lame. If packing pubs in in the Old Port at 6 a.m. counted as parades, it's likely Maine would have rated much, much higher.

Another thing that is unaccounted for is the amount of restaurants/bars that go out of their way to offer special Irish-inspired menu items or green beer on St. Patrick's Day. That's another thing that Portland would rate high on. So the ultimate diagnosis, after we've invented some new and forgotten criteria, is that Maine isn't lame at all.

Then again, maybe we should consider this a challenge. More green shirts, hats and socks? Check. More bagpipers walking around to random pubs and playing tunes. We got you. Endless Dropkick Murphy's songs on repeat? We can do that. As much irish food as we can stuff into our face? Consider it done. Hey Maine, let's party.

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