Neighbors fighting with neighbors is a tale as old as time. Things tend to escalate here in Maine as earlier this year someone actually sawed a building in half for allegedly going over the property line.

Now in an act of half solidarity half a plea of mercy, a Hartland, Maine resident put up a sign (that appears to be an old table of sorts) posted to Facebook by passerby, David Smith, saying, "Stop stealing my neibors [sic] sh** he's blaming me!"

Very kind of this individual to ask people to stop stealing from his neighbor, but the motivation behind it is clear, that he's getting the blame and wants no part of it! Presumably furthering the opposing neighbor divide.

So please, if you're the Hartland thief, stop! I mean, you should stop on principle alone, but this poor guy is sick of the blame! At the very least, he did make a pretty epic sign.

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