Typically, when people think of animals and the police, they think of police dogs, like German Shepherds. They aren't usually thinking kittens.

Well, kittens are exactly what the Hallowell Police Department is welcoming in the coming days. No, the kitties won't be helping with drug busts or tracking suspects. They're going to be the Hallowell PD office cats.

The department previously had a cat named Granite serve as the office cat and she recently retired with Chief Nason. The department has felt like they had a piece missing ever since and that's when PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter in Winthrop reached out with an offer of two brothers; Baxter and Katahdin.

Hallowell PD couldn't say no and the pair will soon be boosting morale for the employees and greeting people at the door. (Currently questioning why our station can't have station cats...???)

Enjoy your new home, Baxter and Katahdin. You have the right to remain cute and fluffy!

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