It's a well-known tale for the digital age. You go out to eat with your significant other or a group of friends and all of a sudden everyone has their head down looking at their respective phones instead of enjoying the company of others.

If you haven't experienced it, you've probably done it. I know I'm guilty.

One Midcoast Maine restaurant is tired of that so they're issuing the "Disconnect & Reconnect Challenge".

King Eider's Pub and Restaurant is a popular spot just off Main Street in Damariscotta. They're known for their local oysters, fresh food, and extensive list of Scottish single malts. Now they won't force you to put your phone away, but they will incentivize you.

Every Tuesday from 4 pm to 9 pm between now and April 28th, if you dine at King Eider's and turn your phone off (not just silent) you can see a discount on your meal. The more guests in your party, the greater your discount.

1-2 guests = 10% off
2-4 guests = 15% off
4-6 guests = 20% off
6-10 guests = 25% off
10+ guests = 30% off

So, how much is your phone accessibility worth to you? Think you could put it down long enough to save a few bucks and reconnect with your family and friends? If so, King Eider's should be your next dinner destination.

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