It's not just Franky who will get justice from a new bill, but all animal abuse cases.


NewsCenter Maine reports that a new bill, Franky's Law, went before a legislative committee in Augusta.

It's called Franky’s Law, because Franky is the name of the pug who was severely tortured and killed last summer. It's been almost a year since Phillip Torrey’s dog Franky washed up onshore wrapped in plastic bags. This is sweet Franky...

Facebook/Phillip Torrey
Facebook/Phillip Torrey

Torrey was devastated to learn that Franky was taken, then beaten, shot and thrown into the water.

Two men, Nathan Burke and Justin Chipman have been charged with burglary, theft, aggravated criminal mischief, and aggravated cruelty to animals and should be in court next week.

The bill would let an advocate to speak for justice during an animal abuse case. It could be a lawyer or law student who would work for free on these cases...meaning it wouldn't cost Maine anything.

Why is this bill needed? Because animals don't have a voice...and sometimes, they need one! The bill will move to a committee work session next.

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