We can all agree there have been a lot of dog adventures in New Hampshire lately.

It seemed no one could top the dog from Massachusetts that went on the run for a year until finally surrendering to authorities. Then a dog named Woof said, “Hold my water bowl.”

Woof the Pug, age nine (or 63, depending on your views), was recently honored for hiking all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot-tall mountains. And as the buddy system is wise while hiking, he did so along with his owner.

In a post to New Hampshire’s u local page on Facebook, Woof's pal Erin said:

“Hi all, this is my dog Woof, he is a 9.5 year old pug. As of last Saturday he has hiked all 48 of NH 4000’ mountains. I think he may be the first pug to do so! We’ve never seen another pug out hiking so I wanted to share! He did the ascents 99% unassisted…he walks the entire trail but does need the occasional lift across water or up onto a higher rock.”

Don’t we all, Woof. Don’t we all.

Of course, all the responses to the post were positive. Just kidding! It’s Facebook. Things quickly descended into pug-shaming, as one owner claimed the hiking wasn’t healthy for Woof. Luckily, the bark snark was tamed by another user commenting on Wolf’s notable nostrils.

Soon, other commenters were sharing photos of their pugs, and even making plans to hike together. I just hope for their sake they don’t run into the New Hampshire Sasquatch.

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