We've all heard the phrase "click it or ticket," and you might be hearing that a lot more as we get closer to Memorial Day weekend and the summer season here in Maine.

Maine has a seatbelt law. Everyone in the car must have a seatbelt on at all times.

Personally, I wish police would focus more on distracted driving enforcement. I've witnessed dozens of drivers cause extremely dangerous situations in the last year because they can't put their cell phone down while driving.

I've been pulled over twice for "not having a seatbelt on," according to the two officers (one in Biddeford in 2009 and one in Bangor in 2012), but I had my seatbelt on both times. I was raised by my parents to always put it on before we left the driveway, and it's a habit that has stuck with me since I've been about three years old. I'm so conditioned to do it, I even put my seatbelt on out of habit when I'm just sitting in the car waiting to go somewhere!

Luckily, both officers admitted their "mistake" after they pulled me over, and one even claimed that my seatbelt "blended in" with my shirt. The officer in Biddeford made us wait more than 20 minutes before letting us go without even a warning. No apologies were forthcoming.

I'm all for enforcement of common-sense laws that make us safer, but I feel like stepped-up enforcement of distracted driving laws will make our roads a lot safer than increasing seatbelt stops will.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

According to The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, 42% of people killed in the past year during daytime hours were not wearing seatbelts and 65% of those killed at night were not wearing seatbelts.

The Maine police agencies taking part in the 2017 Click It or Ticket campaign are:

Auburn PD
Augusta PD
Bangor PD
Berwick PD
Bridgton PD
Brunswick PD
Bucksport PD
Cape Elizabeth PD
Caribou PD
Cumberland SO
Eliot PD
Ellsworth PD
Farmington PD
Fort Kent PD
Gorham PD
Hampden PD
Houlton PD
Jay PD
Kennebec SO
Kittery PD
Knox County SO
Lewiston PD
Lincoln County SO
Lisbon PD
Maine State Police
Mexico PD
Monmouth PD
Norway PD
Oakland PD
Old Orchard Beach PD
Old Town PD
Orono PD
Oxford PD
Portland PD
Presque Isle PD
Rumford PD
Sagadahoc County SO
Scarborough PD
South Portland PD
Topsham PD
Westbrook PD
Wiscasset PD
Yarmouth PD
York PD

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