has ranked all fifty states based on how easily you can make a living there, and Maine did not score so hot for 2016.

To come up with the list, Money Rates looked at each state's median wages, state tax rates, cost of living, unemployment rate and incidents of workplace illness, injuries and fatalities. When taking all those into consideration, Maine ranks right near the bottom at number 47.

Maine has the highest rate of work-related incidents in the country, the fourth largest tax burden and an above average cost of living. (We're looking at you Portland) All those factors combined to put us pretty low on the list of best places to make a living.

Hey, at least we weren't last right? We beat Hawaii, Oregon and West Virginia, so there!

The best place to make a living? Wyoming. No state income tax helps, but for the best place to live, no one lives there! Wyoming has a population of 586,000. It's kind of sad looking too. All rectangular and stuff. Technically it's a quadrilateral. Uneven sides? Remember that in math class?

vector map of the Wyoming.

There is good news though. Maine moved up one spot since 2015 to overtake West Virginia. You can see the complete rankings at Look out California! We're coming for you next in 2017.

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