It's not every day a politician actually acts like a human being. However, Maine Rep. Jared Golden, who represents District 2, displayed that recently at a college football game.

Yes, that is Rep Golden "shotgunning" a beer, a Bud Light to be more exact, at the University of Maine homecoming football game in Orono.

Golden, who is running for re-election against Buce Poliquin and Tiffany Bond, was in one of the tailgate lots and came across Cameron Pottle. Cameron is the dude with the cool hair. He decided to shotgun some beers with Rep Golden to honor one of the state's great industries: lobstering.

According to News Center Maine, Cameron comes from a family that is heavily involved in lobstering, an industry that has been thrown into the fire by horribly ridiculous evidence laid out by a half-wit environmental watchdog group halfway across the globe.

While the lobster industry has taken over a lot of the political talk in Maine, Rep Golden decided to do more than just talk. He chugged.

To "shotgun" a beer, one needs to put a hole in the side of the can, so when you crack the tab, the beer goes flying down your gullet. It just takes seconds to chug, but it's worth years of glory. In fact, I wasn't even allowed to graduate West Virginia University without "shotgunning" a beer the day of my graduation. That might not be technically accurate, but it helps the story.

All jokes aside, my goodness is it good to see a politician be a human being. Far too often we try to elevate people in power to some extreme length. However, we are talking about public servants who represent us. There should be nothing wrong with politicians engaging in normal human interaction with their constituents.

I don't want our representatives to have zero character, while living with robotic tendencies. Let them be human. This fun little event showed us that they absolutely can be human. Good for Rep Golden.

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