According to the news, Channel 8 RSU-73 has canceled most contact fall sports for the season. School is being more rigorous with following the Maine principals Association's guidelines in protecting its students from an outbreak of COVID-19. There is no outbreak at this time, but one could develop over playing games against another school where a non-detected outbreak could be present. A parent of a student-athlete had this to say to WMTW Channel 8 about the decision to suspend contact sports this fall.

"It's not just about my kid not being able to play sports it's about what the mental effect and the long-term effects that (losing out) is going to have on these children." she also went onto say, "my rights are being taken away as a parent, I should be able to decide with my child, what is best for them. A parent has nothing but unconditional love for a child; they would not put them in harm's way."

I'm sure you could say there is a mixed reaction as any school district's first responsibility is to keep the children safe. With COVID cases at 40 today alone in the state of Maine, not including the five deaths from the wedding debacle at the inn at Moose Lake, it feels like this ordeal will never end. We know that it will at some point, but where do we draw the line at safety and still living our lives?

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